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While it may not be a full-time job for some, companies still need an experienced and knowledgeable CMM programmer to set up their machines. When effectively-programmed CMM software ensures the correct use of datums & styli for the job at hand. CMM Programming can help with production bottlenecks, personnel shortages, or assisting CMM Operators running parts they may not be familiar with.

Without an expert CMM programmer on-hand, measuring equipment can pose unforeseen production issues, and this is not a uncommon problem. At Made To Measure, our Metrologists can code CMM software for your team so you can use the CMM your operators are familiar with in the comfort of your own facility.

Our Metrologists Offer CMM Programming in Multiple Software




CMM Programming

Offline CMM Programming

If know you’re going to need a dimensional inspection, but the parts in question are still in production, then you could be facing potential setbacks without a dedicated CMM programmer. That’s where we step in!

Offline CMM Programming Services help prevent delays in manufacturing by programming CMM software ahead of production. First, we examine your manufacturing drawings and a CAD models of any parts you need to measure. After our certified metrologists are familiar with your parts, they begin coding a CMM program to inspect them post-production. This can take place before the tooling is even completed, saving you valuable time between production and inspection.

Meanwhile, your in-house quality control department can prevent bottlenecks when it comes time to inspect the parts. When you have a program ready and in-place, all you need to do is run the parts. Offline CMM Programming at Made to measure can also help your team optimize accuracy—ultimately maximizing the ROI of your coordinate measuring machine by increasing throughput and reducing strain.

Get a Quote for CMM Programming Today!

Are you ready to request a quote for CMM programming? We’ll need a drawing of the part being manufactured, a CAD model, and your in-house machine specs, including:

  • Type of Machine
  • The Controller
  • Probes and Probe tips specifications
  • Pre-established fixturing to hold the part

Why wait? Plan your next inspection today and let our offline programming services boost your efficiency. We will help you in every step of the process, so don’t hesitate request a CMM programming quote when you’re ready.

Made to Measure offers Equator CMM programming

Renishaw MODUS™ Equator Programming

With the power and knowledge of our metrology team, we can create programs with MODUS™ Gauging Software for your team to run on your Equator in-house. On the programmable system, the comprehensive MODUS™ programming software allows our metrologists to rapidly create gauging routines for any part – simple or complex; prismatic or free-form.

MODUS™ features the ability to program scanning and touch measurements easily on the Equator system, using the industry-standard SP25 probe. Scanning enables thousands of data points to be taken to define a feature, allowing true form analysis. We strive to fit your timeline and work with you until you have the solutions you need to move forward successfully. 

Our Metrologists are knowledgeable in the following software:



What do you need to get a quote?

– A drawing of the part being manufactured – A CAD Model – Your In-House Machine specs including:

  • Type of Machine
  • The Controller
  • Probes and Probe tips specifications
  • Pre-established fixturing to hold the part