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AUKOM is a global training standard of metrology that has a vision of strategically creating a uniform metrology industry across the globe. The AUKOM metrology training is vendor-neutral, allowing you to take the skills that you learn and apply them to any coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and any software. By eliminating the machines and software, students are able to learn best practices and how to measure accurately and consistently. Reduce measuring errors, create an efficient workplace environment, and empower your team to inspect with confidence! Get your engineers, manufacturers, and quality departments all on the same page about your quality inspections. Made To Measure is proud to be a certified provider of AUKOM training in the United States!

AUKOM Classes for 2022

Level 1

January 18–21, 2022

Level 2

February 28–March 4, 2022


March 23–25, 2022

Benefits of AUKOM

AUKOM training is at the forefront of metrology education — We take your team of skilled CMM programmers, operators, and production metrologists and give them the fundamental knowledge for best measurement practices in coordinate metrology. The courses the importance of teaching a consistent methodology to everyone in your organization, not just the metrology department! AUKOM helps you and your team get on the same page about quality inspections. No more debates on how many points to take on a circle, the mystery has been solved! Stop blaming machines for “bad results” and get the instruction you need to get over these common hurdles. From your engineering department to the metrology lab, everyone benefits from a consistent inspection methodology, comparable measurement results, and an understanding of sources of uncertainty. It is the absolute resolution to all your metrology inconsistencies.

Made to Measure has been teaching AUKOM Training Courses since 2017!

From your engineering team to the quality control lab, everyone benefits from consistent inspection methodologies & comparable measuring results. Help your company’s team reduce costs, minimize waste, and make effective decisions! Successful communication and a shared understanding of basic metrology knowledge will set your team up for advancement & progress in your industry.

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Level 1

Prereq: None
Text: AUKOM 1 Handbook

Topics Covered:

  • Principals of coordinate metrology
  • Basic definitions, tolerancing, and geometric elements
  • Measuring prep, including stylus selection, part cleaning, and temperature control
  • Documentation & quality management

After our AUKOM Level 1 class, each participant will be able to produce reliable and repetitive inspection results making it easier to compare across the board. Level 1 heavily focuses on good measurement practices, empowering your team to aid in minimizing costs and reducing waste produced by “bad parts.”

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January 18–21, 2022
$1500 + additional $250 test fee
3 days training, 1 day test

*$500 non-refundable deposit due prior to class to reserve a spot.

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Level 2

Prereq: Complete AUKOM 1 exam
Text: AUKOM 2 Handbook

Topics Covered:

  • Measurement & probing strategies
  • Reducing measurement uncertainty, improving reliability
  • Free form surface measurement
  • Test equipment monitoring
  • Good Measurement Practices

AUKOM Level 2 elaborates on the fundamentals learned in AUKOM 1. This course is for individuals with user experience. Level 2 dives into real-world issues and problem-solution instruction. Form and positional tolerance, measurement strategy, evaluation, and documentation are just a few of the many topics that will be covered in this training course.

Next Scheduled Class
February 28–March 4, 2022
$2000 + additional $250 test fee
4 days training, 1-day test

*$500 non-refundable deposit due prior to class to reserve a spot.

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Level 3

Prereq: AUKOM 2 cert., AUKOM GD&T
Text: AUKOM 3 Handbook

Topics Covered:

  • Creation of Measurement Programs
  • Measuring Uncertainty and Measuring Process Suitability
  • Quality management, Measuring Room management and process monitoring
  • Production
  • Technology
  • CAD

Stretch your knowledge and experience through AUKOM 3, the expert level course. Coming soon to the Made to Measure Knowledge Center.

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$2000 + additional $250 test fee
4 days training, 1 day test

*$500 non-refundable deposit due prior to class to reserve a spot.

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“I found this class worthwhile! Learning all the different factors to consider in selecting a measuring method and all of the sources of error to consider when reviewing the data will really help me back in the lab with my team.”

– Aerospace Control Solutions, Quality Manager


Certified Student’s Testimonials:

“We are a leading global company for rail fasteners. In our facility we use the CMM for Quality Control. Our CMM measures the fasteners. After measuring the CMM program will let us know (with our preset tolerances) if the fastener is in spec and will it fit together with the rest our fastening system. With the AUKOM levels 1 and 2 training, I have learned what factors can influence the measuring results, what must be done to assure the best measuring results from your equipment, reading customer drawings, what we can do to improve our programs and get the best measuring result…The instructor made the course enjoyable and took the time to make sure you understood the course material. Made to Measure had a great learning environment and brilliant host to all taking the AUKOM courses.”

Martin G. – Rail Fastener Supplier, Level 2 Certified

“I recently attended the AUKOM Level 1 class at Made to Measure and was really pleased with how the class went. I felt it gave me a great direction and knowledge to apply to the everyday work that is coming through my shop. The class was taught by Jacek Macias and he did a great job making sure we all stayed on track and understood the concepts before he would move on to the next subject. I highly recommend taking this class if you get a chance it’s a great step to becoming more proficient in all aspects of measuring.”

Jason V. – Turbine Manufacturer, Level 1 Certified

“We manufacture aftermarket turbine engine aerospace parts. We not only use our CMMs for inspecting the very tight tolerance that we have to produce with our parts, but we also rely on them to reverse engineer OEM parts to manufacture. The AUKOM training we received at Made to Measure has helped our engineering staff understand how to get the correct results from our CMM for what we are trying to achieve. The training has also helped our quality staff understand how to inspect and evaluate results properly to meet the requirements of the print. The staff at Made to Measure are extremely knowledgeable and the training was very well presented.”

Bryan S. – Aerospace Parts Manufacturer, Level 1 Certified


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