AUKOM Expert Metrology Training Courses

AUKOM Metrology Certification Classes

AUKOM is a global training standard of metrology that strives for uniformity throughout the metrology industry across the globe. AUKOM metrology courses are vendor-neutral, allowing participants to take their newly-learned skills and apply them directly to their own coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and software.

By negating the limitations of required machines and software, students learn best practices and how to measure accurately and consistentlyindependent from any brand or manufacturer influence. Reduce measuring errors, create an efficient workplace, and empower your team to inspect with confidence! Get your engineers, manufacturers, and quality departments all on the same page about your quality inspections. Made To Measure is proud to be a certified provider of AUKOM training in the United States, and one of only four total facilities in the country that offers AUKOM CMM training courses.

AUKOM Classes for 2024

Level 1

July 16–19, 2024

Level 2

September 16-20, 2024

Level 3

August 19-23, 2024


November 11-13, 2024

Benefits of AUKOM | CMM Measurement Best Practices

AUKOM training is at the forefront of metrology educationwe take your team of skilled CMM programmers, operators, and production metrologists and give them the fundamental knowledge for best measurement practices in coordinate metrology. AUKOM metrology courses emphasize the importance of teaching a consistent methodology to everyone in your organization, not just the metrology department!

With AUKOM metrology courses, you and your team will truly be on the same page when it comes to quality inspections. No more debates on how many points to take on a circle, the mystery has been solved! No more worry about getting inconsistent and “bad results” from your CMM and get the instruction you need to get over these common hurdles.

When you take part in our AUKOM CMM training courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know about consistent inspection methodology, comparable measurement results, and an understanding of sources of uncertainty. AUKOM CMM training is the absolute resolution to all your metrology inconsistenciesfor machinists, engineers, draftsmen, quality managers, and so much more!

Made to Measure has been teaching AUKOM Training Courses since 2017!

From your engineering team to the quality control lab, everyone benefits from consistent inspection methodologies & comparable measuring results. Help your company’s team reduce costs, minimize waste, and make effective decisions! Successful communication and a shared understanding of basic metrology knowledge will set your team up for advancement & progress in your industry.