AUKOM GD&T Training at Made to Measure

AUKOM GD&T Metrology Training at Made to Measure

Our AUKOM GD&T course teaches Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) in the specific context of applied metrology. A working knowledge of AUKOM metrology best practices, combined with a comprehensive understanding of GD&T, will help your team develop cohesive communication, reduce defective parts, and increase overall throughput.

This vendor-neutral certification program will help you gain a comprehensive grasp on measuring with coordinate measuring machines and properly interpreting measurements. Learn more about how this AUKOM metrology training course can help you and your team reduce waste, uncertainty, and cost!

Why Choose AUKOM GD&T?

When you want to take the path towards eliminating measurement uncertainty, educating your team on GD&T is essential. And if your team employs the use of CMMs, then our AUKOM GD&T course is vital. Take a look at the subject matter covered in this training, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Next Available Class: July 26-28, 2022

  • Target group: Production metrologists, production engineers, developers, design engineers, QA heads
  • Prerequisites: None
    Note: an AUKOM 2 certificate for production metrologists is recommended, but not required for participation. Furthermore, if you complete AUKOM GD&T and pass the AUKOM 1 and AUKOM 2 exams, you will earn a certificate qualifying you as an AUKOM Metrologist.
  • Learning goals: This GD&T training class provides in-depth knowledge on form & and positional tolerances in accordance with ISO & ASME standards. This GD&T course is for advanced measuring technicians who work at interfaces to other departments and must communicate design changes effectively. Design engineers, developers, and production engineers gain an insight into the topic of form and positional tolerances. AUKOM training helps measuring technicians successfully implement the drawing specifications and minimize uncertainty in measurement. A deep understanding of measuring jobs and how influencing parameters enable expert metrologists to communicate confidently with other departments & reduce measuring uncertainties; measuring results become more reliable and easier to compare. Taking this course often results in minimization of manufacturing operating costs and a reduction in wasted materials through higher education for your team. Contact us today to discuss your team’s educational needs.
  • Course duration: 3 days
  • Completion: Certificate only. There is no exam for AUKOM GD&T. Participants who have passed the AUKOM 1 exam and AUKOM 2 exam will receive certification as an AUKOM Metrologist upon completion of the AUKOM GD&T course.

Topics Covered

GD&T-1 Basic rules of the ISO system of Geometrical Product Specification (GPS-System) and ASME
Introduction, Basic rules of the Geometrical Product Specification (ISO GPS-System and ASME Y14.5)

GD&T-2 Function, Specification, Verification, Terms
Function – Specification, Tolerance zones, Extraction, Filtration, Association, Integral and Derived Features, Specification – Verification

GD&T-3 Tolerances of form
Straightness of a line on a surface, Straightness of a median line, Roundness, Flatness, Cylindricity, Profile of a line, Profile of a surface, Measuring of form deviations

GD&T-4 Sizes and Angles
Feature of sizes, Sizes and form deviation, Specification of sizes – ISO and ASME

GD&T-5 Datums and Datum Systems
Need of a datum, Degrees of freedom, Single datum, Common datum, Datum system

GD&T-6 Tolerances of orientation, location and run-out
Location, run-out deviations, Datum referencing, Orientation, Location, Run-out, Tolerances of orientation and location to derived features

GD&T-7 Tolerances of profile form
Definitions, Drawing indications, Examples

GD&T-8 Maximum Material Requirement
MMR – Maximum Material Requirement, Functional background, Symbology, Toleranced bore pattern

GD&T-9 Least Material Requirement and Reprocity Requirement
LMR – Least Material Requirement, Functional background, Symbology, Toleranced bore pattern, Reprocity requirement (ISO) and alternative in ASME

GD&T-10 Verification
Functional requirements and manufacturing conditions, Defaults of association in ISO and ASME, Examples

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Cancellation Policy

By the Student: Participants with a confirmed course registration may reschedule or cancel their reservation(s) without any cost up to 10 business days before the scheduled class start date. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the course start date by email or calling our facility. Participants who cancel a confirmed registration less than 10 business days before the course may be billed for 100 percent of the course list price. Participants who fail to appear for training without a prior notice, will be billed for 100 percent of the course price.

By Made To Measure: Made to Measure reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, or cancel any scheduled training courses. Participants may register for the next available course offering or cancel their registration, without penalty. Any payment made for the canceled course will be refunded in full. The participant understands and agrees that Made to Measure, LLC shall not in any way be held responsible or liable for any costs incurred by the participant, including but not limited to costs related to changes or cancellations in travel plans.

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