Fundamentals of GD&T – 3 Days

TBD 2019

Prerequisites: Blueprint Reading Skills (recommended)
Text: GEOTOL Pro Fundamentals Workbook 2009

Our fundamentals of GD&T training is a basic, practical, & straightforward approach to geometric tolerancing and conforms to the Standard ASME Y14.5M-2009. This GD&T class will benefit employees in many different roles in manufacturing including inventors, designers, engineers, quality control personnel , machinists, cnc operators, and many more!

Participants will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of basic GD&T principles and their applications, and will also know how to interpret GD&T on engineering drawings. Attendants should have a basic knowledge of how to read blueprints and engineering drawings prior to taking this course.

  • The training reviews GD&T history and will provide an in-depth study of geometric characteristics and tolerance zones.
  • The class is lecture-based, but also provides time for classroom discussions.
  • Each participant will also leave with a GD&T workbook which serves as an excellent resource post training.

Syllabus available upon request

Next Scheduled Class:
TBD – 2019
$949 per student
Includes GD&T workbook

basic gdt training illinois

Advanced GD&T – 2 Days

TBD 2019

Prerequisites: Blueprint Reading Skills, Basic fundamental knowledge of GD&T (recommended)
Text: GEOTOL Pro Fundamentals Workbook 2009

This course is intended for experienced users of concepts of ASME-Y14.5-2009 standard. Designed to cover the more advanced applications of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, participants will leave the course with an understanding of how to apply the principals as well as a deeper understanding of GD&T applications & it’s benefits. The course is aimed to provide a solid understanding of datum selection, tolerances zones and application of advanced geometric tolerancing theory. Students will be effectively trained on how GD&T controls the functions of complex designs and it’s ability to communicate geometric tolerances appropriately on their own prints.  

Syllabus available upon request

Next Scheduled Class:
TBD – 2019
$630 per student
Includes GD&T workbook

Learn the fundamentals of manufacturing, engineering, and metrology – whether you’re designing parts, making them, or measuring them.
  • Symbols & Terms
  • How GD&T works
  • Position tolerance verification
  • Datums, Datum reference frames, Datum Targets
  • Single segments, 2 single segments vs composite
  • Formulas—Fixed and Floating
  • Screw treads, Coaxial
  • Form tolerance—Flatness, Straightness, Circularity, and Cylindricity
  • Orientation tolerance—Parallelism, Angularity and Perpendicularity
  • Profile tolerance—Line and Surface
  • Location tolerance—Position, Concentricity and Symmetry
  • Runout—Circular and Total runout
  • Modifiers, RFS, LMC, MMC, Projected tolerance, Tangent plane


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