CMM Equipment

With over 34 years of metrology experience, we know CMMs. That’s why we’re now producing our own brand of CMMs and rebuilding used CMMs to be ready for years of service for your team. Whether you are looking for a brand-new piece of measuring equipment or you need a reliable machine on a budget, Made to Measure has what you need. Considering buying a CMM? Consider Made to Measure!

Our team can help you determine if you should purchase a new or used machine, or if another solution could serve the needs of your business more efficiently. We will explain the pros and cons of each machine we offer to help you make the best choice based on the project at hand. Once you’ve selected your equipment, we offer consulting by expert metrologists on-site at your facility to train your team, and advise on your projects. Metrology solutions at your fingertips. Call us at 847-851-1160 & speak with one of our team members to get you started on the right solutions for your team today!



Air Filters

Redefining Speed

All new Made to Measure CMM Equipment comes with:

  • Integrated design features keep your measurements consistent in changing conditions.
  • Granite construction ensures same coefficient of expansion for all axes and different machine parts.
  • Renishaw gold-plated metallic scales fixed to the granite surface, reducing thermal sensitivity.
  • Digital Servo Control motors for stable and precise high-speed motion.
  • Tsunami air filtration system.
  • A CMM Workstation – Made in the USA ($1200 value)

New CMM Machines

Rebuilt and Ready to Install

Get the latest technology without spending money on a new frame! Made to Measure offers rebuilt CMM’s outfitted with the latest technology—as well as upgraded, painted, and programmed—ready to go to work for you.

What Goes into Rebuilding a CMM Machine?

  • We put in brand new air lines, wiring, controller, joystick, and computer systems.
  • All the scales, encoders, motors, and air bearings are checked and refurbished or replaced as necessary.
  • The granite surface is repaired the machine is repainted.
  • On request, we can add a brand new license of PAS ILM software for ultra-fast programming from CAD and install a new Renishaw PH20 probe.

Rebuilt CMM Machines

Tsunami CMM Air Filters

The Core Technology of the Tsunami sets it apart by utilizing the latest developments in air filtration to eliminate contaminants, water, and oil from the compressed air system.

  • Reduce down time and expensive repairs
  • Maintain better accuracy
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Air flow rates to meet your specific requirements

Air Filters