CMM Services

Since 1985, Made to Measure has provided customers with CMM measurements on professional dimensional inspection reports, calibration and engineering services across a broad range of industries including but not limited to Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Space Flight, Automotive, Plastics, Commercial Products, and more! All of our metrologists are AUKOM Certified and come from diverse manufacturing and engineering backgrounds. We continually invest in our technologically advanced & environmentally controlled lab, and in educational training to retain our leadership in the fields of design, contour analysis, surface analysis, manufacturing and contract inspection. We are here to support your team with CMM applications and solving problems that may arise during the quality stage. From First Article Inspections to CMM Programming, we’re your go-to full service lab.

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We are equipped for any project!

  • 15 high accuracy CMM’s with capabilities up to 200” x 110” x 75”
  • 3D Laser Scanning & CT Scanning services
  • Video optics measuring systems (VMM)
  • Roundness Testing, Form tracing, Surface Finish and Hardness Testing with a full complement of conventional inspection tools.
  • Engineering driven problem solving; If something is just not going together, we can usually find out why


CMM Services



CMM Training

Certified CMM Programmers can set up your CMM equipment at your facility or at our own lab in Chicago.

Companies need experienced, knowledgeable CMM programmers to set up their in-house programs correctly, ensuring your team is using the right datums & best styli for the job at hand. We can send one of our expert metrologists to your facility, program your CMM or Renishaw Equator and even train your staff on how to do basic programming!

Our metrologists are knowledgeable in many different measurement software programs. Click the link below or contact us to learn more – 847-851-1160

More about Programming

Comprehensive Data for Long-Term Solutions

Balloon Drawings

Drawings are ballooned at Made to Measure, or can be provided by the client to speed up the process.

Easily Identifiable Tolerances

If there is data out of spec, or ‘out of tolerance’, the corresponding value on the report will turn red. Easily glance through a report to see if you have anything that isn’t quite right in seconds.

Traceable Methods

All of our dimensions are traceable to their method of inspection. For example, if Metrologist A used ‘VC J007’ and Metrologist B used ‘VC J008’, their individual dimensions can be traced back to a specific machine or tool they used to get the data. Each dimension is marked individually to ensure accordance with ISO 17025.

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