Used CMMs in Stock

Mitutoyo Bright BRT-707

Machine Info

  • 27.5″ X 27.5″ Y 19.6″ Z
    (700mm X 700mm Y 500mm Z)
  • Renishaw Controller
  • Renishaw Joystick Control
  • Renishaw Probe Head Controller
  • Renishaw Stylus Kit
  • Qualification Sphere

Computer & Software System

  • Verisurf Software
  • Desktop Computer with latest Intel Processor
  • Dual 24” Widescreen Monitors


  • Tsunami Air Filtration System for CMM
  • Battery Backup/Surge Protector


  • Installation
  • Calibration


Classroom software training at the Made to Measure Knowledge Center


One Year Complete System Warranty

Optional Add-Ons


  • PH20 5-Axis, infinite rotation probe head
  • REVO 5-Axis, infinite rotation laser scanning head
  • Both above options requires controller and software change