Used CMMs in Stock

LK G90C 12.20.10

Now available is a gently-used LK G90C 12.20.10 with PH20 and Verisurf. This machine is in stock ready for shipment to anyone who needs a high-precision used CMM for sale can trust that this LK CMM offers the attention to detail that they need.

With repeatability down to 1.3 microns, advanced air bearing system, and PH20 5-Axis probe head, you can rest assured knowing that this LK G90C is one of the most advanced lightly-used CMMs available for the price. Learn more about the specs below, and please feel free to call us at (847) 851-1160 for any questions or to request a quote today.

CMM Specs

  • 1200mm X / 2000mm Y / 1000mm Z
  • Renishaw Controller
  • Renishaw Joystick Control
  • Renishaw PH20 Probe Head
  • Renishaw Stylus Kit
  • Qualification Sphere

Computer & Software System 

  • Verisurf 2022
  • Desktop Computer with latest Intel Processor
  • Dual 24” Widescreen Monitors


  • Tsunami Air Filtration System for CMM
  • Battery Backup/Surge Protector


  • Installation
  • Calibration