LK G90C 8.7.6

Machine Info

The LK G90 series was engineered specifically to offer an impressive balance between accuracy and affordability, offering repeatability at as tight as two microns (0.00008″) while boasting a vector speed of 48 m/s. This is achieved by using features like ceramic guideways,  air bearings, a lightweight spindle with pneumatic counterbalance, and so much more!

And since our rebuilt CMMs for sale are updated with the latest technology at competitive prices, you can rest assured knowing that this LK G90 8.7.6 is a used CMM for sale that will offer the measurements you need at a price you’re sure to like. Read on about its features and specs below, and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (847) 851-1160 with any questions you may have.

Basic Features

  • Renishaw UCCT3-Plus Controller
  • NEW Renishaw Gold Tape Scales
  • Renishaw MCU Lite Jog Box
  • Reinshaw PH10 Probe Head factory rebuilt
  • (2) TP-20 Modules
  • Stylus Kit
  • Qualification Sphere

Computer & Software System

  • Desktop computer with latest Intel Processor
  • Dual 24” Widescreen Monitors
  • Custom Computer Workstation Table
  • Verisurf Software Package


  • Tsunami Air Filtration System for CMM
  • Battery Backup/Surge Protector


  • Installation
  • Calibration


Classroom software training at the Made to Measure Knowledge Center


One Year Complete System Warranty