AUKOM Level 3

  • Target group: Production metrologists
  • Prerequisites: AUKOM 2 certificate
  • Learning aims: The course offers comprehensive knowledge of production metrology for advanced measuring technicians who work at interfaces with other departments and are obliged to communicate effectively. The didactic approach used in the seminar is based on the latest findings. The content comprises the latest knowledge on function and production-based measuring, filtering, programming, computer tomography, QM and measuring room management. an integrated understanding of measuring jobs and influencing parameters enables experts to communicate confidently with interdepartmental areas and reduce measuring uncertainties,┬ámeasuring results become more reliable and easier to compare. The minimization of costs and waste is supported.
  • Course duration: 5 days
  • Completion: Certificate upon successful completion of exam

Topics Covered


3-1 Basic Knowledge – Geometry

Calculation of Angle, Center of Gravity, Distance, Area

3-2 Basic Knowledge – Production Technology

Production Types and Achievable Production Precisions, Shape Deviations and Their Causes, Functionally Adequate Design and Construction Suitable for Production

3-3 Basic Knowledge – CAD

Principles of Construction and Technical Drawing, Principles and Tools of CAD Design, Imaging of Geometry, Model Types, CAD Data Dimensions, CAD Formats, Import of CAD Data, Interfaces

3-4 Point Cloud and Computer Tomography

Development of computer tomography technology, Physical principle, From the radiographic image to the measure, Tomography ?on the image?, Region of interest, Initial sampling of the entire component , Evaluations of the deviations from the nominal geometry, Measurement of sections, Checking the material structure, Radiation spectrum, Beam hardening, Scattered radiation, Cone beam artifact, Noise, Further applications; Additionally: Fringe Projection, Photogrammetry, Tracking

3-5 Creation of Measurement Programs

Precision-Optimized Measuring Sequence, Time-Optimized Measuring Sequence, Travel Path Optimization, Feature-Oriented Measuring, Remote Programming, Safety Points and Planes, Program Loops / Branches/ Modules, Macros, User Interfaces, Program Optimization Loops, If/Then Conditions, DMIS Standard

3-6 Digital Filtering and Evaluation

Software Filters, Gauss Filters, High-Pass, Low-Pass, Waviness, Roughness, Comparison Form Tester – CMM

3-7 Monitoring of CMMs

CMM Monitoring, ISO 10360/VDI 2617, Possibilities to optimize the accuracy of CMMs, Examples, Experience

3-8 Measuring Uncertainty and Measuring Process Suitability

GUM Handbook, Determination of the Measuring Uncertainty, Uncertainty Budgets, PUMA Method, Increasing Measurement Uncertainty, Extended Measurement Uncertainty, Conformity, ISO 14253, Determination of Uncertainty Using Calibrated parts, Use of the Virtual CMM, Measuring Process Suitability according to MSA (GR&R), VDA 5, Comparing the methods

3-9 Quality Management

Quality Management Systems, Quality Management Handbooks, Quality Management Standards, Audit and Certification, Quality Tools, Fixed and Actual Costs, Origin of Errors and Error Elimination, Cost-Conscious Tolerance

3-10 Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring, Statistical Process Control (SPC), cp Values, cpk Values, cm Values, cmk Values, Monitoring Strategies and Quality Control Cards

3-11 Aspects of Measuring Room Management

Measured Data Management, Measuring Room Management, User Qualification, Training Plans and Options for Metrologists



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