Ready, Set… Plan!

The manufacturing industry is a demanding market that is expected to deliver the goods as efficiently as possible. In today’s world, everything we need was due yesterday, which makes planning your inspections even more relevant than ever.

We run on coffee, deadlines, and someone’s schedule, whether it be our own or someone elses. When deadlines hit and parts aren’t ready on-schedule, it can cause a lot more than a production delay… It can cause your quality department to become bottlenecked and overwhelmed by the timing and execution of inspections. What’s “on-hold” today is tomorrows’ “hot job.” That’s something no one wants, for their personnel or themselves. At Made to Measure, we’re listening.

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Often times we run into companies that have limited metrology resources, people and machines alike, which can create problems when it comes to running multiple parts on 1-2 CMMs. Not enough people to program or too few machines to run them is unfortunately common in manufacturing. Planning out your CMM inspections ahead of time can save you time, money, and a whole lot of unnecessary stress. The best part? All you need to have is the drawing and CAD models, no parts!

At Made To Measure, we offer Offline Programming services to help prevent these types of manufacturing situations. We take the drawing and a CAD model of the parts you’re going to be producing and create a program to inspect them post-production, before they are even made. This can all take place before the tooling is completed as well, saving you time between production and inspection. This also allows you to free up your in-house quality department for the projects that need their time and knowledge while your expert metrology lab takes care of the rest.

Don’t wait until your parts are done to plan inspections, let our offline programming reduce your downtime!  Our highly qualified, AUKOM certified metrologists are here to help. We can make programs for the following software:



What do you need to get a quote?

A drawing of the part being manufactured
A CAD Model
Your In-House Machine specs including:
Type of Machine
The Controller
Probes and Probe tips specifications
Pre-established fixturing to hold the part


Why wait? Plan your next inspection today & let our offline programming services boost your efficiency. We can help guide you through the process, get a quote here.