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XT-400 CMM Machine

Simple, Fast, and Affordable

The XT-400 size is 4.3.2 (400mm x 300mm x 200mm)

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  • Renishaw PH20 5-axis Touch Trigger Probe Head
  • Simple, intuitive, and efficient VDMIS CAD Software. Learn more
  • Renishaw UCC2 Controller with I++ protocol
  • Renishaw MCU5 Joystick Control
  • Integrated design features like thermally stable materials, vibration dampers and online temperature compensation to overcome the variation in temperature, dust level, vibrations, light intensity, etc.
  • Special granite construction ensures same coefficient of expansion for different machine parts.
  • Reduced thermal sensitivity by fixing the Renishaw gold plated metallic scales on the granite itself.
  • Digital Servo Control motors for stable and precise high-speed motion
  • Tsunami Air Filtration System (standard)
  • 1 Year Warranty

Renishaw MH20i Probe

The MH20i compact probe head offers the significant advantage of repeatable indexing positions, vastly improving productivity for multi-orientation measurement applications.

Ideal for use where several probe/stylus configurations and head positions are required to enable the comprehensive measurement of a part in a single routine.

Key Benefits:

  • Repeatable index positions eliminate the need for constant re-qualification.
  • 168 positions (at 15° increments) offer maximum flexibility in repeatable probe orientation.
  • Lock / unlock feature allows ease of positioning and eliminates unnecessary wear.
  • Easy-to-read scales for rapid re-orientation to qualified positions.

CMM Workstation

It is both a heavy duty work station and controller, holding the Renishaw or Pantec controller and PC neatly while still giving you room to work.

The back panel is removable for easy access and component installation.

Hand-crafted in the USA from our facility to yours; a $1200 value that comes with all new CMMs purchased from Made to Measure.