How come, AUKOM?

Imagine a world where your engineering, manufacturing, and metrology department were all on the same page about drawings, tolerances, and GD&T. Where your inspection results are produced seamlessly by each metrologist and are comparable across your entire team. A world where you are confident in measuring all types of features and use consistent methodology to plan your inspections.

The dreaming stops here. AUKOM puts an end to any dispute of how to measure parts between vendors and customers, and co-workers alike.

A brief history:

AUKOM (pronounced AWUH-COM) is an acronym for the German phrase ausbildung koordinatenmesstechnik, which translates to “coordinate metrology training”.  During a three-year research project of the Quality research association (FQS), financed by the German Ministry of Labor and Economy, in cooperation with the most important manufacturers and some of the heavy users of coordinate measuring machines and with science at the QFM faculty of the University of Erlangen-N, they created this metrology standard. The overall goal is to create a uniform metrology industry to help stream-line best practices of coordinate metrology on a global scale. Training is now available in 19 countries and counting, including the USA. Made to Measure is one of 3 providers of AUKOM in the United States!

Why is this important?

Think back to the introduction when you dreamt of the perfect metrology world…we’ll it’s being created, one training at a time. AUKOM training is where we take your already skilled CMM programmers, operators, and production metrologists and give them the fundamental knowledge for best measurement practices in coordinate metrology. Once armed with the knowledge to properly complete an inspection, their results will be comparable with others who have also taken the courses. By teaching a consistent methodology, AUKOM helps you and your team all get on the same page. No more debates on how many points to take on a circle, the mystery has been solved! From your engineering department to the metrology lab, everyone benefits from a consistent inspection methodology, comparable measurement results, and understanding of sources of uncertainty. It is the absolute resolution to all your metrology inconsistencies.



Why should I consider AUKOM for my team?

It’s Vendor-Neutral training.

AUKOM doesn’t discriminate when it comes to your personal choice on CMMs & Software. You pick the machine, you pick the software. AUKOM will help you understand how to use it to the best of your abilities.

It bridges the gap between College & the Workplace.

There’s very, very few college degrees for metrology, and most people are lucky if they have a class in college on coordinate metrology. This fills in the gap where college ends and real-life applications begin.

Creates uniformity.

Comparing measurement data is an essential key to improving methods and verifying data from multiple sources. AUKOM creates a systematic way of thinking, so that everyone measures the same parts the same way, no matter where in the world they might be.

Be confident in your data.

The enhanced understanding of sources of uncertainty influencing measurement allows for confidence in measuring results. By generating more reliable data, your setting your team up for success. Deep understanding of coordinate metrology helps to create a more efficient lab. Think of it as your resolution to metrology inconsistencies.

Who should go through AUKOM training?

Anyone involved in quality, including production metrologists, CMM operators, Quality Managers, and even designers and engineers. It is important for the people who design the parts to understand how they will be measured down the road.

When and where can I take AUKOM classes?

You can register for AUKOM Levels 1 & 2 through Made to Measure. All classes are held in the Made to Measure – Knowledge Center in East Dundee, IL.

AUKOM 1 – TBD 2018
AUKOM 2 – April 2nd – 6th, 2018