Vision System Measurement

Also known as video system measurement, when a client needs to inspect large production runs, this is the best technology available. Visual measurement systems are capable of measuring a wide variety of parts for many industries. This form of technology can measure a large quantity of parts or features very quickly. As production volumes increase, the benefits of vision system measurements increase as well. It has the ability to measure surface detail quickly and precisely with very sharp images in excess of 200X.

Vision system measurement is a type of non-contact measuring, meaning the part does not have to be touched to be inspected. This is good for small, malleable & easy to manipulate by touch parts and pieces. These systems allow our trained metrologists to accurately measure very small parts, think along the lines of a tiny watch gear. With the zoom optics, utilizing multiple sensors, we get a clear image result to use to inspect, measure, and evaluate your manufactured parts for verification or error detection.