Reverse Engineering

Do you need updated drawings to reflect your company’s current standards for the product? Do you need to transfer your old data to new CAD files? We can help! At Made to Measure, we analyze every aspect of your product and develop all the essential models and plans needed to remanufacture it to your standards. Reverse engineering is an adequate method to produce a CAD model from an existing part. Scanned data can be turned into a model as-is or manipulated to enhance or achieve a better design.

How does the Reverse Engineering process work?

We obtain your part and analyze the complexity of the physical product. From there we plan and start the measuring process to obtain the dimensional details. Next, we take the results and create the digital 3D model. Once the model is complete we verify that the model matches the part. Then the 3D model gets sent off to our customer! With the verified model we can also provide a 2D fully-dimensioned drawing so your team can start the process for manufacturing!

We sectioned this engine block, laser scanned & reverse engineered it for a customer!


Our reverse engineering services include designing basic drawings and CAD deviation analysis. Whether you’re seeking to reproduce a small part or an entire machine, solve a simple manufacturing problem or design a complete product from scratch, we have a solution in our reverse engineering lab.

Reverse Engineering Services include:

  • 2D fully-dimensioned drawings
  • Establishing tolerances on mating parts
  • Determining standard deviations
  • 3D measurement, via 3D laser scanning or laser digitizing CAD model comparison
  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) services
  • Vision inspection or video CMM inspection
  • Actual versus CAD nominal, delivered in a color map deviation report
  • Missing part documentation
  • Updating old or outdated data


2 Types of Modeling

We work with both surface modeling – exact representation of the physical object via 3D laser scanning – and parametric solid modeling – creating a model that can subsequently be edited. It comes with all the design and features history, also via 3D laser scanning.

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