Part Sorting & Inspection Services

High-Volume, Metrology-Class Part Inspection & Sorting

Rely on Made to Measure to:

  • Inspect dozens to thousands of parts quickly
  • Sort parts appropriately
  • Provide meaningful & actionable reporting
  • Help overcome quality issues effectively

When you need to understand to what degree your products comply to your specifications and quality standards, that’s where we can help. We’ll manage the process of inspecting and sorting thousands of parts and provide you with data you can act on. We’ll perform a detailed inspection covering external and internal aspects concerning anything from surface finish, visual defects and color consistency to structural anomalies, hardness, and pressure, with or without disassembly. Then we’ll identify non-conformance issues, so they’re not repeated, separate the good from the bad, and rework components, if required.

If you need quality-focused, metrology-level part inspection or sorting done by trained professionals, contact Made to Measure today!

We utilize our expertise in dimensional measurement and diverse range of precision metrology equipment to inspect and sort your products effectively and quickly. Our Metrologists are AUKOM certified with over 150 years of combined experience. Not only are they trained at identifying irregularities in products, but also excel at documenting findings, generating conclusions and developing solutions.

Our Metrologists can quickly inspect and sort hundreds of products at a time utilizing our precision Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Vision measuring equipment (VMMs). We’re able to accelerate the inspection process with technology such as the 5-Axis REVO-2 probe head, custom-built VMM fixtures, and other innovative techniques.

Contact us today for a free consultation and analysis of your specific inspection and sorting requirements. We’ll provide you with a no cost quote for your unique application.


Made to Measure Sorting & Inspection Service

  • Project Analysis – Issues and requirements thoroughly reviewed ensuring cost and deadline requirements are met
  • Process Development – Custom-created to factor in your project’s unique needs
  • Inspection – Parts assessed by AUKOM trained Metrologists
  • Sorting – Professionally controlled classification and separation
  • Labeling (as requested) –Parts labeled with basic to detailed information
  • Reporting – Insightful reports tailored to your needs
  • Rework (if required) – Products repaired and repackaged as needed


Leaky Cylinders: We successfully checked 11,000 cylinders for pressure leaks for a leading hydraulic controls manufacturer.

Lipbalm Unprotected: A popular manufacturer struggled to fit the top correctly. The cap would get stuck or fall off completely after being seated. Upon sorting and measuring thousands of lipblam dispensers in our facility, we were able to identify and fix the problem.

A Plethora of Pins: We measured 20,000 pins and sorted them into different size categories, down to 0.002″.

Part Inspection & Sorting Service Process 

  • Coordinate transportation from your facility to our lab. 
  • Measure surface finish. 
  • Conduct pressure tests. 
  • Run high quality CMM measurements. 
  • Conduct visual inspections. 
  • Make recommendations for repairs, repackaging, and remanufacturing to ensure every piece is up to spec. 

From visual inspection to precision measurements, we will thoroughly examine and classify every part you send us, as well as offer solutions like repair and repackaging. Contact us today for a free quote!