Part Sorting

Verify that each part is reflective of the craftsmanship that went into your first prototype.

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on with every item in your inventory, and finding the time to test every part is a nightmare. But you need to know that your products measure up to specifications and quality standards —no leaks, rust, or anything else that compromises product integrity.

That’s where we can help. With our Part Sorting Services, we’ll take all the hassle out of trying to inspect thousands of parts, and let you keep doing your job while we do ours. We’ll handle all the logistics of transporting your product from your warehouse to our labs. Our part testing services include measuring surface finish, conducting pressure tests, running CMM measurements, and doing absolutely everything necessary to make sure that every single piece of your inventory is up to spec.

From visual inspection to precision measurement, we will thoroughly examine and test every part you send us, as well as offer solutions for repairs, repackaging, and remanufacturing.


Cylinders: We successfully checked 11,000 cylinders for leaks for a hydraulic controls manufacturer.

Lipbalm: A popular manufacturer struggled to fit the top correctly. It would get stuck or fall off completely. Upon sorting and measuring thousands of tiny lipblams in our facility, we were able to identify and fix the problem.

Pins galore: We measured 20,000 pins and sorted them into different size categories, down to 0.002″.

Part Sorting Services

  • Coordinate transportation from your facility to our lab.
  • Measure surface finish.
  • Conduct pressure tests.
  • Run high quality CMM measurements.
  • Conduct visual inspections.
  • Make recommendations for repairs, repackaging, and remanufacturing to ensure every piece is up to spec.