Inspection Overflow Service

Do you have a professional, well-equipped lab with a dedicated and highly-trained staff, but sometimes have too many parts to inspect or programs to develop? Is your department running at full-capacity, yet has an excess amount of work. Pass the baton to us. We’ll get your team back in the lead. 

You can count on Made to Measure when your Quality Department is overflowing with projects. We have 15 CMMs, 4 visual measuring machines, and hundreds of manual measuring devices. We have flexible team of ASME GD&T Certified & AUKOM certified Metrologists on staff to handle huge influxes of work & have over 150 years of combined experience. On average, they perform 650 hours of dimensional inspection work on a weekly basis with the ability to quickly increase capacity by 20%. We can expedite your work and provide you the inspection and measurements you need quickly. 

Made to Measure can offer: 

  • A dedicated Account Manager 
  • Full inspection, FAI, partial inspection, reverse engineering, laser scanning and more 
  • CMM Programming in most software 
  • Firm deadlines 
  • Onsite or offsite support 
  • Frequent reports and custom reports available 
  • Part pickup and delivery 

Rely on Made to Measure When: 

  • Projects have increased quickly 
  • Part geometry has become more complex 
  • Your CMM or other measurement equipment is down 
  • Accuracy requirements are higher than normal 
  • Parts are larger than your in-house equipment can handle 
  • You need laser scanning, reverse engineering, or CT scanning, but lack equipment or experience

Contact us today to learn more about our Inspection Overflow Support Service. We can provide you with the necessary information and documentation to get us vetted and approved, so in the eventuality of not enough capacity, we’re ready to go.

We have more solutions to address over-capacity and bottleneck issues. Overcome bottleneck and over-capacity situations also by:

Think of us as your extra quality department. Contact us about our Overflow Inspection Service for professional labs today!