Dimensional Inspection

We take great care in comparing the actual condition of manufactured parts, components, tooling and dies to the nominal condition as expressed in 2D drawings, 3D Models, and the original (including master product or tooling). For over 35 years, Made to Measure has performed Dimensional Inspection; also referred to as:

• Dimensional Metrology
• Product Evaluation
• Inspection Services
• Parts Inspection
• Metrology Services
• Layout Inspection
• Validation
• CMM Inspection
• Contract Inspection
• Measuring Services
• Verification

Inspection and Measurements Methods & Approaches

We have provided dimensional inspection for companies in most industries including aerospace, medical, plastics, metal fabrication and automotive. Because all components are uniquely engineered and manufactured, Made to Measure employs many different methodologies and approaches to capture dimensional nuances of the design. Below are dimensional inspection services offered through our metrology lab.

• First Article Inspection/FAI/FAIR

• CMM Inspection

• Non-Contact Inspection

• Visual Measurement Machine (VMM)

• Laser scanning

• Visual Inspection

• Capability Studies & Statistical Analysis
SPC (Statistical Process Control)

• Gage R&R

• PPAP (Production Part Approval Process, AQQP, Annuals)

• Form & Roundness Testing

• Contour Analysis 2D & 3D

• Model based definition

• Part-to-CAD comparisons

• 3D best-fit

Highly Experienced & Educated Staff

At Made to Measure, we have a saying that the ruby ball is no better than the CMM it’s attached to. Furthermore, we know very well that the CMM, or any metrology equipment for that matter, is only as good as the Metrologists that’s operating it. That’s why our Metrologists go through extensive training and certification to ensure that that we provide superior measurements and reports that are based on objective and thorough dimensional data that our customers can depend on.

All Made to Measure Metrologists are ultimately trained and/or certified in six areas of Metrology including:

  • ASME GDT&P Certification
  • GD&T Fundamentals & Advanced Principles
  • AUKOM I, II, III & GD&T Metrology Principles
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Metrology Equipment Usage
  • CMM Software
  • Solidworks

Our team is made of individuals from diverse manufacturing, quality and engineering backgrounds, including mold making, tool making, mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering. Plus, our team can speak a total of 6 different languages including Spanish, German, Polish, Bosnian, Korean, and Hindi!

Metrology Lab

Made to Measure’s environmentally-controlled laboratory is equipped with a wide array of equipment to handle nearly any dimensional inspection project including those with super tight tolerances, high quantities, complex geometries, and extreme dimensions. Below is a list of the types of equipment we utilize every day.

Click the link here to see a list of all our in-house equipment.

CMMs/Coordinate Measuring Machines
Optical Comparators
Renishaw Equator Gauging System

Laser Scanners (CMM Mounted and Hand-Held)
Height Gages
Manual Tools

VMMs/Vision Measurement Machines
CT Scanners

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