Tsunami CMM Air Filters

The Core Technology of the Tsunami sets it apart by utilizing the latest developments in air filtration to eliminate contaminants, water, and oil from the compressed air system.

  • Reduce down time and expensive repairs
  • Maintain better accuracy
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Air flow rates to meet your specific requirements

Tsunami 20 SCFM

Tsunami 50 SCFM

Tsunami 50 SCFM with Dryer
Available upon request

New, Dynamic CMM Air Filtration Delivers Improved Performance

50 SCFM Rated Flow – Handles up to one quart of oily water per minute.


The head is machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum and is anodized and powder coated for maximum corrosion protection.

Water Separation

Up-flow gravity separation allows 100% performance at all flows.

Air flows through the center air channel tube to the bottom of the Tsunami Water Separator, then hits the baffle plate depositing liquid and particulate in the large drain sump.

Air is then redirected 180º and flows up through the oversized stainless steel mesh element, where any remaining water droplets and aerosols, down to 10 micron. They are then forced to the outside, running down to the drain sump.

Barrel and Bottom Cap

Oversized length and diameter allows for a large drain sump, which can handle large surges of oily water.
The elevated sump is designed to allow sediment to accumulate below the float drain, extending the life of the float.
Machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum, anodized inside and out for maximum corrosion resistance.

Optional Electronic Selenoid Drain

A standard thread on the cap allows for the installation of an optional electronic selenoid drain – ideal for extremely dirty and oily system. It has a built-in strainer for easy service, and a ball valve that acts as a manual drain to flush clean the built-in strainer screen.

Compare that to the Old Technology