Made to Measure takes great care in moving CMMs to a new location!

Whether it is a few feet or across the globe, you can count on Made to Measure to take the necessary precautions to ensure your CMM is relocated and recommissioned professionally.  

We have experience with all brands, sizes, and types of CMMs. From small, basic bridge-type CMMs to the largest gantry-style systems. We have the knowledge and understanding of how these machines operate. When handling delicate ultra-precision equipment, additional precautions must be taken to ensure success. Keep in mind we also pack and ship other sensitive measurement devices like optical comparators, equators, laser scanners, portable arm CMMs, and roundness testers. 

Our Services include:

1. Decommission

The process starts with cleaning, dismantling, and installing the OEM shipping brackets and braces on your CMM. If OEM brackets are not available, fabrication of custom brackets, or temporary use of universal brackets, can be provided or fabricated for a nominal fee.

Pro tip: Look under your machine. Traditional practice is to place shipping brackets underneath the machine skirt or apron, so they are not misplaced or lost while the machine is in service.

Next, the frame is securely packed along with any other CMM components or accessories as requested. The package is loaded into a custom shipping container or skid, as required. Whenever possible we prefer to supervise all rigging and activities required to get the machine safely and securely loaded onto the truck.  

2. Delivery

To ensure jolts and vibrations are kept to a minimum, an air-cushioned box truck or flatbed are best-suited for CMM deliveries. Smaller CMMs may be delivered by one of Made to Measure’s trucks. When the CMM is too large or heavy for us to move, we employ one of our pre-approved carriers. All pre-approved carriers specialize in moving sensitive yet heavy and bulky equipment and instruments. 

3. Commission

Upon arrival to the destination, a Made to Measure CMM Service Engineer will supervise the unloading and positioning process. Additionally, they will assess the system and environmental conditions that affect CMM operation including vibration, temperature, air quality, and humidity, then make suggestions on how to correct conditions to maintain accuracy and increase longevity. 

4. Calibration

When the CMM is in place, the Service Engineer sets up the CMM and performs the critical step of calibration utilizing an extremely precise step gage artifact with NIST traceability, ensuring that your CMM performs optimally, providing accurate and repeatable measurements. 

Lastly, our Service Engineer will make recommendations for any accessories that will benefit measurement and inspection from surface plates, clamps, and fixtures to racks and styli.  

If your company is moving a CMM or other measurement equipment, please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements!


Made to Measure Site-to-Site Relocation Service Includes: 

  • Decommissioning (dismantling) of the CMM  
  • Bracket and/or brace Installation  
  • Securely pack the frame and all components for shipping on skid(s) 
  • Custom shipping container/pallet construction (if necessary)
  • Supervision of loading CMM for shipment
  • Supervision of positioning CMM  
  • Environmental conditions assessment  
  • Commission (reassemble) the CMM 
  • CMM Calibration  (optional)
  • CMM training & best practices consultation (optional)

Made to Measure Onsite Relocation Service Includes: 

  • Decommissioning (dismantling) of the CMM  
  • Bracket and/or brace Installation  
  • Securing the CMM for onsite relocation  
  • Custom pallet construction (if necessary)  
  • Supervision of repositioning CMM  
  • Environmental conditions assessment  
  • Commissioning (reassembly) of the CMM 
  • CMM calibration (optional)
  • CMM training & best practices consultation (optional)

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Retrofitting & Upgrades

On top of moving and calibrating your CMM, Made to Measure can also upgrade or retrofit it with a new probe head, software, controller and much more. Go to our CMM Retrofitting & Upgrade page for more details.

CMM, Metrology & Quality Training

If the staff at your new location would benefit from a refresher course or have never used a CMM, Made to Measure offers industry-leading training on all types quality training from GD&T and Blueprint Reading to AUKOM and QC course. Check out our Training page for more information.