Which CMM Solution is Right for You?

What is the size of your parts to be measured?

This helps to determine the right machine size for your application. Typically you want to try to fit 80% of the parts you make in the measuring envelope of the machine. Often the benefit to fit that last 20% simply does not warrant the additional cost.

What are the tolerances of your parts?

The answer here provides great insights. It will determine if you need a standard CMM, a high accuracy CMM, or perhaps even a shop floor programmable gage, such as the Renishaw Equator.

It will also help to determine sensors. Did you know that the repeatability of a manual indexing head can reach 2.5 microns while a motorized head is 0.5 microns?

What are your thruput requirements?

This answer is crucial. With the PH20 5-axis touch trigger head or the Revo 5-axis scanning head, you will literally run double or triple the thruput of a traditional CMM. That’s like getting three CMM’s for the price of one!

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Who will run your CMM equipment?

This is software related. We have multiple software solutions, so we will custom-tailor the solution to you. CAD? SolidWorks? CATIA? Embedded Dimensions? Nothing but a PDF? No problem! We have a software solution for you!

Rest assured that ALL solutions are efficient, fast and user-friendly.