We provide CMM Calibration services traceable to NIST!

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Maintenance, Calibrations, & Error Mapping Services on all Renishaw UCC Controllers!

Calibration Services

Calibrations are held to the ISO 10360-2 Calibration Standard. They are preformed by an experienced CMM technician with a step gage artifact. Calibration services include 8 hrs of service, preventative maintenance service and mechanical or error-map adjustments. If the CMM technician finds “as found” data of the machine is “as found” when we do the preliminary tests, the machine will be left alone and no further actions are needed. If the CMM technician concludes that the “as found” data is not “as found” and that adjustments need to be made, we will make an adjustment to the CMM’s error map, position only. If we need to re-map the machine and a new error map is required, additional charges will apply.

Each machine calibrated will receive a calibration sticker, as-found data report as well as the final calibration certificate.

We can calibrate any CMM with a Renishaw UCC Controller including:

  • T3 (PH10 Head)
  • T5 (PH20 Head)
  • S3 (PH10 with Scanning)
  • S5 (Revo)

At Made to Measure, we strive to provide reliable, expert service to your equipment, year after year. We are here to support your team with Annual CMM Calibration Service Packages, available upon request. Let’s discuss your CMM service needs today! Submit an inquiry form below or call 847-851-1160 to speak with a representative!

“We just moved our 2 CMMs to a newly built temperature-controlled Quality Room. Can you calibrate them both for us?”


Frequently asked questions – Calibration FAQs

When should a CMM Calibration be done?

CMM Calibrations should happen on a regular basis and also align with your company’s quality program. Typically, we recommend Annual Calibrations to ensure the accuracy of your machine. Rule of thumb says every 2000 hours of work, which is typically 1 year of use.

Common Reasons to Re-Calibrate:

  • Machine has become exceedingly harsh environment (heat, moisture, contaminants)
  • Machine has been in an area with widely fluctuating temperature & humidity
  • Machine has been recently moved to a new location
  • Machine has not been calibrated in over a year with frequent use

What’s the difference between a Calibration and a Verification?

It is important to understand that the words “Calibration” and “Verification” are NOT interchangeable and have a very simple, but different meaning. Verification happens when a trained service technician verifies the preforming accuracy of a CMM. If the verification reveals that the accuracy of the machine is not accurate enough for the application, a Calibration of the machine is needed. A Calibration consists of verifying the accuracy and adjusting the CMM error map and whatever else may be necessary to bring the machine to it’s original accuracy. This directly impacts the machines reliability and performance accuracy. Eliminate the guesswork and ensure your team the most accurate part inspections for every job with CMM services from Made to Measure!

Should I check my CMMs inbetween calibrations?

We recommend utilizing Renishaw’s Machine Checking Gauges to monitor accuracy regularly between calibrations. A simple 10 – 20 minute interim verification can give green-light assurance to the measurements, or give you the red-light that servicing may be necessary now. You can order one for your machine through Made to Measure. Contact us to purchase one for your machine.

How Does a MCG work?

“The probe’s stylus slots into the end of what is, in effect, a reference ‘ball’ bar. The probe carries the bar with it around a spherical path, and radial readings are taken at different positions. The range of these readings indicates the volumetric measuring performance of the CMM. Repetition of a sequence of readings checks the system for repeatability.”


Why choose Made to Measure as your Coordinate Measuring Machine Service Partner?

Made to Measure is a ISO 17025 certified laboratory with a ISO 10360-2 certification for calibration services, accredited by PJLA. Our CMM technicians are highly experienced and familiar with many types of CMMs and manufacturers. Our calibration services provide confidence in your equipment & daily inspections. Our service goes beyond simple checks — We adjust the machine’s error maps, which a lot of similar service companies neglect to do. (Pro tip: Always ask your calibration provider if they adjust the error map, before committing to services.) Our technicians are diligent, reliable, and ready to service your equipment!

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