Become a Certified AUKOM Metrologist at Made to Measure

If you work in product development or manufacturing, you know how important accuracy is throughout the production process. However, measuring accurately is not enough. You also need to measure properly. Because of this, it’s absolutely vital for quality professionals to have the proper training. Through the AUKOM Metrology Certification program at Made to Measure, you’ll learn the correct methodology that will ensure your measurements are accurate, repeatable, and consistent. Furthermore, your AUKOM metrology training will help you better communicate with other AUKOM-trained metrologist’s results.

Our metrologists are required to complete these very same courses, so you can rest assured that we fully trust the process! Learn more about what it takes to become a Certified AUKOM Metrologist with the team at Made to Measure, and be sure to check out other metrology training courses.

Advantages AUKOM Metrology Training

How can you trust a metrologist for accurate and repeatable measurements? Consistency in measurement protocol is key to increasing comparability and eliminating uncertainty. AUKOM is an internationally-recognized method of metrology training that aims to create true uniformity in measurement.

AUKOM metrologists are trained to have a fluent understanding of metrology terminology, allowing them to communicate effectively with their team members. Furthermore, having consistency within this internationally-recognized training program allows Certified AUKOM Metrologists to effectively discuss measurement results with outside organizations. This fluency increases potential to catch measurement deviations quickly—or avoid them altogether.

Because of this consistency, AUKOM metrologists can help cut error-related costs, reduce waste, and save companies from possible complaints, recall actions, and loss of image. Furthermore, compliance with AUKOM guidelines will help reduce conflict between separate departments, outside vendors, and various third-parties involved with the production process.

The steps to becoming a certified AUKOM Metrologist are outlined among the overall curriculum.

AUKOM Metrology Training & Certification Process

The AUKOM metrology courses offered at Made to Measure help participants learn how to interpret and communicate measurements in a way that’s consistent both internally and externally. Put simply, if everyone measures in the same way, it reduces the possibility for conflict and confusion between parties.

AUKOM Level 1 training is an introductory course that helps participants become more familiar with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and how they are used most effectively. AUKOM Level 2 hones in on how to use CMMs most effectively, teaching students the best practices for measurement. Upon completion of AUKOM 1 and AUKOM 2, students will take an exam to ensure the class has instilled the information they need to perform in their field. Once you’ve completed these three AUKOM training courses, it’s official—you’re an AUKOM Certified Metrologist.

Internal AUKOM metrology training for our team at Made to Measure

Receive Your AUKOM Certification at Made to Measure

Becoming a certified metrologist is a challenge, but when you have guidance from our training team at Made to Measure, we will help you every step of the way. Are you ready to start your path towards becoming an AUKOM metrologist? Take a look at our AUKOM 1, AUKOM 2, and AUKOM GD&T course outlines and contact us today.

After you become an AUKOM Certified Metrologist, we can continue your education with the same metrology training we use internally. To become a Made to Measure Certified Metrologist, you must learn and show that you excel in the following:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • GD&T
  • Hand metrology tools and equipment
  • Inspection Plan Development
  • CMM Operations and Programming
  • Vision Operations and Programming
  • Laser Scanner Operation
  • Equator Operations and Programming
  • CMM Software Training