Our History

Founded in 1985, for many years Bley Metrology existed as a separate division at Bley Engineering’s aerospace machining facility. Sven Bley, a third-generation engineer, took this division and turned it into what we know it as today: Made to Measure.

Since 2003, our company has grown and blossomed from its beginnings and accomplished background in the aerospace industry to become a leader in the dimensional inspection industry. Established as an industry leading metrology firm, we are expanding into the measuring equipment market, offering new and rebuilt CMMs, retrofitting services and training programs to help our customers improve their own quality assurance.

Our Metrologists make all the difference. Our highly-skilled staff have technical backgrounds in quality and metrology, and include mold makers, toolmakers, mechanical and manufacturing engineers—each perspective helping us better understand and communicate with our customers. With an established custom training program, pride in our work, and a complete commitment to quality technique and excellent customer service, we look forward to a bright future, embracing continual growth and development in the years to come!