Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Made to Measure, we get asked a lot of very unique metrology-related questions, but some are asked more than others! Besides being mistaken for a meteorologist and being asked what the weather is like, our team is frequently asked the following:

Where is the Made to Measure Metrology Lab located?

302 East Main Street,
East Dundee, IL 60118

Driving Directions from O’Hare International Airport are as follows:

  • Take I-190E to I-90W
  • Stay on I-90W for 20 miles and take the Beverly Rd exit
  • Turn right onto Beverly Rd and follow it to Higgins Rd
  • Turn left on Higgins Rd, follow for 3 miles
  • Made to Measure is on the left as you enter downtown East Dundee. Look for the ruby ball on our sign!

How can I get my parts from my facility to yours?

You can pack them up and ship them via mail service (or truck depending on the size), arrange a pick-up with us, or drop them off at our facility in East Dundee, IL. We will return your parts safely via the same method they arrived, unless otherwise discussed.

What do I need to request an Inspection Service quote?

To request an Inspection Service quote you will need:

  • Complete drawing (this means proper tolerancing & datums marked!)
  • A CAD Model (.igs/.stp preffered)
  • Scope of Measurements (FAI, Partial)
  • Parts (Need to be shipped or dropped off to our facility)
  • Any special fixturing to hold the parts during inspection

What is your average turn-around time for inspections?

Our standard delivery is 7-10 business days, upon receipt of the part. We also offer expedited delivery options and emergency service at an additional cost.

What do I need to request a CMM Program quote?

To request a CMM Program quote you will need:

  • Complete drawing (this means proper tolerancing & datums marked!)
  • A CAD Model (.igs/.stp preffered)
  • Your in-house CMM specs including:
    • Type of Machine
    • The Controller
    • Probes and Probe tips specifications
    • Pre-established fixturing to hold the part

What CMM and VMM software can you write programs for?

Our Metrologists are well-versed in CMM and VMM programming and have experience in the following software programs:

  • Verisurf
  • CMM-Manager
  • OGP Basic X
  • MICRO Vu Inspec
  • Nikon iNEXIV
  • Metrologic
  • Made to Measure Metrologists are also experienced in programming Renishaw’s REVO-2 Measurement System and the Equator Gauging System.

What is the largest part you are capable of measuring on a CMM?

Our Gantry CMM has a measuring capacity of up to  200” x 110” x 75” or 16.67’ x 9.17’ x 6.25’. For context, you could fit a car or an elephant inside!

What kind of deliverables can you provide for Reverse Engineering services?

Our team utilizes CT Scanning, Laser Scanning, and/or Touch-probe methods along with SolidWorks & Creo Software to provide the following deliverables:

  • 2D Drawings
  • 3D Models
  • 3D Point Clouds
  • .STL Files
  • .STP Files

Our team utilizes the AS9102 Form for inspection reporting. Can you provide an inspection report on this form?

Yes, our team can report measurements that are compliant with the AS9102 standard. We are fully-equipped to offer you First Article Inspection and can get you everything you need to have all three of your forms ready to complete.

Where are your training classes held?

All of our scheduled courses are held at our facility in 302 E. Main Street, East Dundee, IL. However, we do offer on-site training options for class sizes of 6 students or more! Request a quote for on-site training pricing and availability for your employees.