On-Site CMM Services

Competency, experience, and precision from the start-that’s our promise to you.

Bring our CMM Expertise to Your Facility

We are here to help. Our vast array of capabilities give us the opportunity to assist our clients in many different ways.

Whether it’s related to training, personnel development, lab management, or programming, we have the skills necessary to help your project run smoothly and successfully.

Lab Management + Flexibility = Success

On Site CMM Training and Machines by Made to Measure of Chicago
On-Site CMM Services - We'll bring our expert metrologists to your facility - Made to Measure

Lab Management Program

Production schedules and personnel requirements ebb and flow depending on a myriad of different variables.

There are times when you need additional staffing and machinery, yet others when lightening the load makes economic sense. In this case, a flexible workforce and equipment inventory may be the right fit for you.

A Smarter Choice for CMM

With the Made to Measure Lab Management program, you can maintain your on-site quality department while keeping any additional capital equipment and personnel off the accountant’s ledger.

Made to Measure can lease measurement equipment of any size and accuracy requirement and also provide temporary, permanent, or contract-to-hire personnel for your quality lab.

Additionally, we can absorb your current equipment and personnel when needed.

On-Site CMM Programming Services

While it may not be full time job, companies still need an experienced, knowledgeable programmer to set up their CMM program correctly making sure it’s using the right datums and best styli for the job at hand.

Many customers have relied on Made to Measure to provide top-quality, efficient, and above all, correct CMM programming services both on- and off-site.

Our technicians are knowledged in the following measurement software (though not limited to):PC-DMIS, Virtual DMIS, OGP Basic X, Zeiss, Raven MCE, Micro Vu Inspec, MODUS, Veri Surf, Calypso, and VDMIS. We also have resources to program Zeiss Calypso, found on many Wenzel machines.

On-Site CMM Team Training

Our expert training sessions will help your personnel become CMM professionals in blueprint reading, basic and applied GD&T, and CMM machine operations.

Led by our expert metrologists, CMM training courses can take place at our learning facility or on-site at your facility. Our training classes cover a variety of technical information in a streamlined manner, with hands-on learning modules to help participants apply the concepts practically.

We’ll supply the trainers, modules, and supplies, you bring the people!

Expert CMM & MetrologyServices at Your Facility

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to CMM and metrology; every company is unique.

We will work with you to make sure you have the right solutions for machinery, programming and personnel!

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