Cylinder Measurement Case Study

A Better Solution for Snap Fit

After reviewing the initial data we found a solution to the ultimate problem: making sure machine lines produce consistent parts.

A Simple Start with Vision System

A customer needed the outside profile and radius of the snap fit measured on new cylinders.

We used our optical comparator and a vision system to get them the data they needed.

However, after talking through the data together, we realized the problem was bigger than they first anticipated. It wasn’t a problem with the cylinders, it was bigger – ensuring that their machine lines were producing parts with absolute consistency.

A Laser Scanner to the Rescue

With our laser scanner we were able to verify the physical readings and help them develop a better sense of what to do next with their machines.

Precision Cylinder Measurement at Made to Measure Metrology Lab in Chiicago

By working together and discussing the problem, we can develop solutions to help you make better products.

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