Calculator Battery Cover Case Study

Part Comparison and Analysis

Battery covers were being snapped off easily by students. Made to Measure helped the producer get to the front of the class with better plastic molding design.

Scans and Overlays Create a Better Calculator

A calculator manufacturer was having issues with the snap feature on the battery cover on their product.

As students fiddled with the backs, they easily broke off the snap closure to the cover, forcing the parents to purchase a replacement product. In order to keep their customers, the manufacturer approached Made to Measure with the problem.

We scanned 5-10 of their existing battery covers, overlayed them, and determined which was the best of the lot. After further analysis of that part, we recommended adding thickness to the plastic, along with adding ribs for strength.

A mold made to accommodate the findings and recommendations, and complaints of broken battery covers have decreased drastically.

Calculator Cover Measurement at the Made to Measure Metrology Lab
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