Expert CMM & Masterful Metrology

Meet Our Metrologists

We’re not just people pushing buttons, we are a team of expert metrologists who have decades of experience in all types of industries.

Sven Bley

Owner & Managing Director of Made to Measure

Mason Goodwin of Made to Measure

Mason Goodwin

Director of Metrology Services & Manufacturing Expert

Jacek Macias

AUKOM Certified Instructor & Quality Control Manager

Joshua Yi

Senior Metrologist & 29-Year Seasoned Veteran

Expert CMM Knowledge & Guidance

Let our expert metrologists help you find the best solutions to your CMM challenges.

We can help you determine the right CMM measurement outsourcing or if it’s better to purchase or rent a CMM. Plus, we have expert programming resources and even training programs for your team.


Made to Measure is an ISO 17025 Certified Metrology Lab and is also accredited from Delphi.

We also have an AUKOM metrologist on staff and provide AUKOM certified training.

Solve all types of metrology challenges with unparalleled precision.

Trusted CMM Machines & Masterful Metrologists

The CMM Machines and metrology equipment we use in-house allows us to provide a large range of measurement services, for parts large and small!

We can measure your parts in our metrology lab located outside of Chicago, sell or rent machines to you, train your staff and provide all types of expert CMM guidance.

Case Studies


“I couldn’t be happier with [Made to Measure]. They do great work for us.”

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John MaySr., Molding EngineerCommscope

“We like the quality of their work and great customer service.”


Piotr BorerBuyer

“Has anyone told you guys you’re awesome lately? The Made to Measure team makes it a pleasurable business experience.”


Christine RussellDivision Supplier Development

Talk with a Metrologist

We’re here to help! Whether it’s planning your CMM project, performing measurements, CMM machines or training, our expert metrology team is ready to assist.

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