AUKOM CMM, GD&T and Blueprint Training

Advance the skill set of your workforce with professional training sessions led by expert metrologists.

Blueprint, GD&T and AUKOM CMM Training – At Our Facility or Yours!

Our expert training sessions will help your personnel become advance their knowledge of blueprint reading, basic and applied GD&T, and even become AUKOM certified!

Led by our skilled technicians, these courses can take place at our learning facility or on-site; whatever suits your needs best. We’ll supply the expert trainers, comprehensive modules, and all the supplies.

Basic Blueprint Reading – Sept 11th
Basic GD&T – Sept 12th – 14th
AUKOM Level 1 – Nov 14th – 17th
AUKOM Level 2 – Dec 4th – 8th

Training for CMM, Blueprint Reading and GD&T by expert metrologists at Made to Measure in Chicago or at your facility.

AUKOM & Metrology Training Services

Do your team members have the knowledge necessary to accurately and efficiently fill their roles? Knowledge is critical to their success as well as the success of the company.

Our metrologists are knowledgeble in the following measurement software:

  • Virtual DMIS
  • OGP Basic X
  • Raven MCE
  • Micro Vu Inspec
  • Veri Surf
CMM Masters Training

Looking for Software Specific CMM Training?

CMM Training Packages allow you to learn at your own pace, on your schedule. Each package includes an instructional book, video instructions (CD), & a training block. Use the ‘Contact a CMM Trainer” button to purchase today! Training Packages are available for the following software:

  • Aberlink 3D
  • Geomeasure
  • Mcosmos

Talk with a Metrology Trainer Today

Let our CMM technical experts lead your next professional development session and help enhance the capabilities of your personnel. For your convenience, we offer both on-site and in-house training. One of our CMM programmers will come to your location or you can come to our classroom. 

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